County Commissioners, City Council Meet to Discuss Rural Fire District, Care Center Funding

The Brown County Commissioners held a joint meeting with the Ainsworth City Council on March 5th to discuss the Brown County Rural Fire District levy and Sandhills Care Center funding.

The meeting was called to order at 5:15 p.m. with Commissioners Buddy Small, Dennis Bauer and Reagan Wiebelhaus present. Council members Brad Fiala, Greg Soles and Schuyler Schenk were also present, with Deb Hurless absent.

Rural Fire District Levy

The city and county have a joint Mutual Finance Organization (MFO) agreement to collect tax dollars for the Rural Fire District through a levy and receive state aid for major purchases.

City Administrator Lisa Schroedl said the current agreement has the tax levy set at 3.5 cents, which jointly produces approximately $29,000.00 every year. However, last year the commissioners voted to lower the county levy to 2.5 cents.

According to the Mutual Finance Assistance Act, all members of the MFO must levy the same property tax rate. Since the city and county have been collecting on different levies for the past year, Schroedl said she was concerned about getting state aid. She spoke with the Nebraska State Treasurer’s office, which said that the county is considered the taxing authority so MFO aid would likely be lower since it lowered its levy.


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