New housekeeper and HVAC system at Cherry County Hospital

Tru-D awaits her turn to thoroughly clean the room and every nook and cranny in it. Notice that the bed is bare, and doors are opened, along with other items arrayed needed to be disinfected. Photo by Laura Vroman

New housekeeper and HVAC system at Cherry County Hospital

Wouldn’t you love a housekeeper that’s quiet and efficient? Someone who gets the job done quickly, and effectively? The Cherry County Hospital recently “hired” someone with those very qualifications and she’s affectionately called Tru-D. She’s not the type of housekeeper with a feather duster in one hand, and squirt bottle of solution in the other rushing through each room. Tru-D is actually a UV Disinfecting robot. Tru-D comes in after our regular housekeeping has cleaned a room. She adds another layer of disinfection to our facility.

Let’s hear what her job entails.

“While I wait, all the doors and cupboards are opened in the room I will disinfect. Staff bring in their keyboards, stethoscopes, or other small items and lay it around the room so I can get to it with my nifty UV light rays. All the bedding is removed also.”

Tru-D does require help from the staff to get from one room to the other and to make sure that the space to be cleaned is fully opened and accessible. But once she’s inside the room, everyone has to leave - except her.




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