Foreign Exchange Students Reflect on Year in Ainsworth

“I wanted to go to the beach.” That was foreign exchange student Vemund Berg’s response when asked what he anticipated before coming to America last July.

The two other exchange students, Henrik Elgsaether and Valentin Barbaza, who have also lived in Ainsworth for the past year, quickly agreed.

“You’ve made up an idea in your mind of what it’s going to be like, and it’s totally different,” Elgsaether said. “But you don’t come to America to live the exact same life you came from.”

Although the “middle of nowhere” is a far cry from the sandy beaches of California or their home countries - Berg and Elgsaether hail from Norway while Barbaza comes from France - all three were pleasantly surprised by everything Ainsworth had to offer.

“Every place has its own bit of’s really a charming place,” Berg said.


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