Spikers claim second in host tournament, win/lose one on the week

Over Labor Day weekend, the Gregory Spikers hosted their Gregory Invitational Tournament. There were eight teams at the tournament divided into two pools.

The Spikers had Lyman, Jones County, and St. Francis in their pool. The other pool consisted of Cody/Kilgore, Boyd County, Colome, and Warner.

The Lady Spikers played Lyman first. Gregory came out on top with the set scores 25-23, 25-21. The Lady Spikers served for 27 service points, 10 aces, 22 kills, 34 digs, and 21 set assists. Megan Warnke led with 7 service points and 3 ace serves. Leading in kills was Addy Nelson with 7 and MaKayla Thomas with 6. Alexa Hannahs had 12 set assists. Amber Swan had 10/10 serve receives and 8 digs. Sydney Svatos also had 7 digs.

Next the Spikers played Jones County, set scores were 25-15, 25-18 for the win. They served 31 points with 10 aces, had 21 attack kills, 19 set assists, and dug 39 balls. Leading with 12 service points was Alexa Hannahs. Sydney Svatos and Addy Nelson each had 6 kills, Alexa had 16 set assists, and Amber Swan lead with 10 digs and BriLee Peck had 9.

The third team they played was St. Francis. They handled them for a win with set scores 25-10, 25-16. As a team they had 37 service points, 18 aces, 14 kills, and 25 digs. Amber Swan led with 9 service points and 3 aces and Addy Nelson had an impressive 7 points with 6 of those being aces. Addy also led in kills with

6. Alexa Hannahs had 6 set assists and Sydney Svatos led in digs with


In the other pool Warner came out on top to play Gregory in the championship. Warner handled the Gregory Spikers winning in two, the set scores for the Spikers loss was 12-25, 6-25. Warner was a very hard hitting team and the Spikers struggled to get any offense going. The ladies had 5 service points with 1 ace, 10 kills, and 14 digs.

“We really struggled with our serve receive with 73%. KaeLee Haney led in kills with 4 and Amber Swan led digs with 5. They were a quick hard hitting team and we are not used to that kind of competition. We have a lot of young girls on our court at times with a lot of inexperience. But, it was great experience for us and fun to see great volleyball,” said Coach Webster.

On Tuesday September 5th the Lady Spikers traveled to Winner to play Bennett County. As a team we really struggled. Our serve receive was at its lowest with 69% success. It is hard to make things happen with poor passing.

“We seemed slow on our feet and were not able to find a rhythm,” said the coach.

Some of the leaders for the night were KayLee Haney with 9 service points 1 ace, 3 kills and 10 digs. Megan Warnke had 8 service points with 2 aces, one kill and 12 digs. Addy Nelson had 6 service points 2 aces, 4 kills, and 4 digs. Sydney Svatos and MaKayla Thomas also had 4 kills each. Svatos also had 11 digs. As a team we had 54 digs, 18 kills, 30 service points with 8 aces and 20 set assists.

Spikers vs. Wagner

On September 7 the Lady Spikers traveled to Wagner to take on the Raiders. Traditionally they always have a very solid team and we knew we would have to try and pick up our pace to compete at their level. The girls came in and had a rough start but with each set we played a little better. The pace of the game slowed down some and that helped us gain some confidence. The set scores were 9-25, 14-25 and 24-26.

All night the girls struggled with the offense. We just couldn’t get the ball set up very well. Our serve receive was really hurting with only 67% success. Without good serve receive it is difficult to set up our offense. Junior, Megan Warnke, and 7th grader Jessy VanDerWerff led us with 5 kills each. Service points were led by Addy Nelson with 8 and leading in digs was Sydney Svatos and Megan Warnke each with 6. It was a tough night, because we played a lot of defense, but we learn and grow each time we go against a good hard hitting team. It helps us work harder at a faster pace and also look at what we need to keep working on at practices to better our game.

Spikers vs. Wessington Springs

On Saturday night we hosted Wessington Springs. They traveled a long way and we played a long night of volleyball. We went 5 sets and the Lady Gorillas came out with the win. The set scores were 23-25, 20-25, 25-20, 25-22, 15-10. They were a nice solid team with a couple of great hitters and they were very scrappy. Each set was very close and could have gone either way. I am very proud of how the girls came back after losing the first

2. It is so easy to just give up. I felt like these girls played with a lot of heart, dug in and didn’t give up!

KaeLee Haney really served the ball well and gave the team 15 team service points with 4 aces and Megan Warnke had 12 points and 3 aces. As a team we served for 54 points and 15 aces. Attack kills were led by Addy Nelson with 11, Megan Warnke had 10, Sydney Svatos with 8, KaeLee Haney had 6, and Makayla Thomas with 5. As a team we attacked the ball 108/141 with 45 kills. Sydney Svatos also led with set assists at 13 and Alexa Hannahs had 10.

Serve receive was much better and we were on target 87% of the time. Amber passed the most serves with 29/33 and Megan Warnke was 15/15. As a team we dug 69 balls. Megan Warnke led with 16 digs with Amber Swan not far behind with 15 and Alexa Hannahs for 10.

This was a great win for the Lady Spikers! They really worked hard and it gave them confidence that they can come back from being behind. They really are great girls who have seemed to rally behind each other this season with encouraging words and praise. We will keep working on our game this week to get ready for the big Bon Homme Tournament this coming Saturday.

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